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02 July, 2020

08/07/2020 – 1 min read

What a first week!

From sunny to rain days, where you can cuddle up in our Bistro and still feel like you are in France.

The staff on shift felt the excitement of guest taking the French Menu du Chef and experiencing it the Burgundian way.  And the passport! What a success, many of you cannot wait until Oriole Express travels to Italy.

The chef has had many questions about how you can organise yourself a French Dinner without becoming stressed! A dinner without stress? It sounds almost like a dream, but according to Chef this is possible. Therefore we have asked him if he can share some tips for the ultimate French dinner at home without stress and he said yes!

Preparation is key

  1. “First of all, don’t make it too hard on yourself. People do not expect you to make a 6 course menu (I will). You can always order take out from your favourite Mediterranean Bistro such as Oriole. 😉
  2. Take your time, you can even start a couple days in advance to stay low on the stress level.
  3. The presentation is everything, you wouldn’t like it either to eat out of plastic plates, right? A good presentation is worth gold. Therefore always place your take away in your own bowls with nice ladles.
  4. Last but not least, ENJOY. Enjoy the moment, have a nice chat, put on a nice background music and notice some candles.” – Chef Raoul Meuwese

So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends to come over and cook yourself or order from Oriole!

Next week our Chef will be back to give you tips on something else, I can’t wait, what about you?



01/07/2020 –  1 min read 

Welcome to Oriole’s Travel Diary!

As many of you know we won’t be able to visit our favourite Mediterranean countries this summer, yet do not worry. Oriole found the solution!

We will travel to those countries with our very own Oriole Express. The Grande Dame of luxury trains, simply the most glamorous, luxurious and thrilling experience on the planet. Our mission? To let you experience the five most interesting high-profile Mediterranean cuisines; each with its own charm and identity.

This blog is created to share interesting facts about the stops of the Oriole Express and will be updated every month with new exciting things coming up, but also to give you an insight of what has happened in the previous month.

Today we have hit the gas towards France. France is one of the world’s top tourism destinations, with approximately 89 million visitors each year. The culinary opportunities in Viva la France are endless, and Oriole brings home the best of the best out of this Mediterranean pearl. You will embrace the luxury of simple, every day rituals, becoming unforgettable moments. The menu is inspired by the culinary trips our chef went on, tasting the true flavours of the city of romance.

What else do we have in store for you? After France and its unsurpassed Fruits de mer and classic Escargots, we will continue the voyage in August to Italy, “Home of spaghetti”. From there we will travel to Greece in September and in October our bistro will be dedicated to España, Olé! The Oriole Express journey will end in November in cozy Portugal.

We almost forgot to mention, do not forget to ask for your Oriole Express passport when hopping on the train. With this passport you can collect stamps. With three stamps you already may enjoy a coffee and pastry of choice and as soon as you have collected five stamps, you may enjoy a three course lunch menu. Of course you can enjoy the same country several times a month – even then you will receive a stamp with every visit. 😉

See you soon and stay tuned for the next update in Oriole’s Travel Diary!

Bon Voyage! 


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